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Born in Crawley

Raised in Clapham

Now in Brighton


I like jokes, cats and food.  Combine all three and I'm yours for life.

Comedy so far

First gig - October 2011 - Three Jolly Butchers, Brighton

Gigging regularly since August 2012

Brighton Fringe 2013 appeared in show Threegomaniacs

Semi-finalist So You Think You're Funny 2013

Selected to appear in BBC Radio 2 New Comedy Award 2013 - BBC Radio 4/4 Extra

Finalist Brighton Squawker Award October 2013

Brighton Fringe 2014 appeared in show Perfectly Goddamned Delightful

Nice things people have said about me


Writing beautifully crafted, wonderfully funny jokes isn't easy. Dan Fardell just makes it look like it is

- Chris Stewart, comedian


It quickly becomes apparent watching Dan, that you are witnessing a master joke crafter in action. You feel confident that each punchline is going to be as strong and funny as the last, and you are not disappointed

- Julie Oliver, comedian


He’s good, but don’t trust him. He’s laughed me into bed on more than one occasion. I feel used.

- Phil Lucas, comedian and renaissance man


Dan Fardell has more talent in his little finger than in the rest of his disgusting body

- Catherine Heskey, comedian


I would have to be really, really hungry to choose dinner over Dan Fardell

- Fraser Geesin, comedian


Perfect jokes that just keep coming and coming. A relentless joke machine that never stops

- Pete Strong, comedian, poet, actor


Dan has a great talent in making the more cheerless areas of life both funny and sunny. Never fails to deliver.

- Melissa Moremon, comedian


Dan Fardell is my biggest enemy, whilst he may be funny he is honestly one of the worst people on the planet. If you laugh at his act you are fueling a vile monster's ego.

- Matt Banks, "comedian"

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